Traveling with pets

Here are some interesting statistics I read recently: more than half of U.S. cat and dog owners take their pets with them when they travel. And more sobering: about 30,000 accidents are caused each year by unrestrained dogs in the front seat.

Traveling with our furry friends is more popular than ever, but can also cause headaches if things go wrong. Speaking of things going wrong, here is some more information from MNN about restraining pets during car travel.

Some other things to think about when traveling with pets: try a trial run first to see if you can anticipate any problems before the actual event (car sickness? anxiety?). Is your pet microchipped? Keep plenty of water and a water bowl on hand to offer at pit stops to make sure your pet stays hydrated.

If you are flying with your pet, give yourself plenty of time to do research: regulations and fees vary by airline. If you are taking your pet out of the country, consult with your veterinarian to complete the requisite paperwork.

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