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Let's keep things simple so you know exactly what to expect. 

House call and exam fee

A visit to your home and the examination is $175. An additional charge may be necessary depending on the location. Additional pet exams are $75. 



Vaccinations are $25-45 depending on the vaccination.



Microchipping is $50. 


Fluid administration and injection

$25 covers the injection as well as the fluid administration.


Advanced diagnostics

$75-200 covers special diagnostics such as most lab work. Fine needle biopsy is $50. A heartworm and tick borne disease panel is $60. Other diagnostics vary: Please contact me.

Technician assistance

Sometimes a technician's assistance is required to draw blood or assist in procedures. This is $25-40 depending on the amount of time we spend. 



Euthanasia with private cremation where the remains are handled by the owner is $225 plus the exam/house call fee ($175). Cremation prices depend on the size of the pet and whether or not it is private or group cremation. Please contact me with questions. 


I will give you a prescription to be filled at a local or online pharmacy for most medications. For the medications I carry, the cost is $30 for one week of medication. 

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