First blog post!

I got a Tax ID number, I went through about 5 different names, set up a bank account, bought a bunch of stuff, had someone take pictures and make a logo, made a website, and made a Facebook page (even though I barely frequent my own personal fb page). All this in the name of being my own boss. In reality, having my own small business as a veterinarian is something that has been more or less in my plans since I graduated from vet school in 2011, but has come to fruition over the past year or so as I have become a mother and desired to practice my profession while still having the flexibility to stay at home with my daughter if I choose to do so. Now, with one toddler and one more baby on the way, at times it has seemed a little crazy to tackle this big project as well, but, "follow your heart" so they say, and that is what I intend to do.

A little more about me: I grew up in rural Idaho with lots of sheep and goats as 4-H projects and grew particularly fond of my goats. I was always an animal person and my dogs growing up were my best friends. I wanted to be a vet as long as I can remember. I went to BYU and majored in biochemistry and then went to the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. During veterinary school, I hoped to be able to practice on small animals (cats/dogs) as well as small ruminants (sheep/goats) but the small ruminant thing hasn't worked out due to my geographical location. I worked for three years in a busy dog/cat practice in rural Illinois before moving to a suburb of Boston almost 2 years ago. It was at this point, with a little baby and a part time job for which it was difficult to arrange child care, that I decided now was the time to finally see what my own business would be like.

I have no training in business, so I have been learning as I go. It has been a total adventure! I hope to blog every week or so, depending on how busy life gets. I will post on veterinary topics as well as experiences I have had in the recent or more distant past. I am not going to set too high of a bar (great writing) because then I am afraid it isn't going to happen. Hopefully, this will be a way to connect with my clients and share helpful information.

Thanks for visiting!

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